I'm a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia, passionate about the environment and social justice. Through photography, I strive to capture and present images of beautiful landscapes around the world that we still have and we must all try to preserve.
I have traveled to several countries around the world (USA, Peru, Colombia, Australia, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Hongkong) and have been lucky to see beautiful landscapes and places. Hopefully, my photography inspires you to help in the protection of the environment, we can all do something no matter how small. 
My approach to landscape photography is methodical, always searching for beautiful light and dramatic clouds engulfing the landscape, I use camera equipment, accessories, and technology as tools to achieve my creative vision.
Besides Landscape photography, I also love portraiture, sports photography, and street photography. Since 2019, through teaching photography workshops, I have been sharing my passion for photography, helping other capture beautiful images of people and places.
I am available as a freelance photographer, simply contact me using the contact form, Instagram, email or call me directly.
Computer Sciences Engineering, Universidad de Medellin.
Bachelor of Arts/Photography, RMIT, Australia.

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